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SE3R Resource book and CD

In May 2003 we published the second edition of SE3R: a resource book: the first edition being sold out within 18 months of publication. The second edition is completely revised and updated.

It describes the logical basis of SE3R: how the technique overcomes the psychological and language problems that occur in spoken exchanges and in documents. There are worked examples and extensive illustrations - including many in colour. The text provides a rapid route to learning about, and thereafter a source of reference, concerning the many applications of SE3R.

  • How to apply SE3R to any form of document.
  • How to apply SE3R to audio- and video recordings and to transcripts.
  • How to construct composite SE3Rs - combinations of SE3Rs created from two or more individual SE3Rs.
  • How to apply SE3R 'real time' in a face-to-face or telephone interview.

The resource book comes with an accompanying Compact Disc, enabling the practitioner to develop skills in applying SE3R in a live interview and to a recording of an interview.

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ISBN 0-9539882-5-2 

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